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Tdothost to offer tutorials

11/30/2010 00:00

Are you confused on how some features work under cPanel, or do you want to take advantage of some features that you were not aware of before? has now over 400 tutorials that you can...

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Hosting prices went up

09/19/2009 00:00

To keep up with expences, we had to bring up our hosting prices. This price increase affects only new accounts, existing accounts will not change. Regards.

Domain Pricing Update

01/19/2009 00:00

Most our domain name pricing went up from $7.99 to $8.99 Please note these prices are for domain names acquired through and managed by If you want to manage your...

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Support Response

12/24/2008 00:00

I will be on travel during christmas and year end holidays, however I will respond to all your emails. Thank you for your understanging and cooperation. My best wishes to you all. 

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New Download Area for Paying Customers Only

12/13/2008 00:00

We are pleased to announce a new download area with higher quality reports and downloads. We will include only the greatest reports that we think will add value to your online presence. Please...

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Platinum Plan is now sold out

04/16/2008 00:00

Our Platinum Plan is now sold out. We will add it back when we acquire more space.

Billing System Upgrade

04/03/2008 00:00

We upgraded lately my billing system whmcs to the latest version. Please note: If you are using Paypal subscription, you will receive an invoice as well. You can ignore the invoice, since Paypal...

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Added new ticket category for WordPress

02/26/2008 00:00

To help serving you better, we added a new ticket category for WordPress issues. When creating a ticket, please choose the one that closely matches your question/issue. Thanks....

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Server Move

11/26/2007 00:00

Dear Tdothost customer: First and foremost, we would like to extend our thanks for your continued support for as long as you have been with us. Our mandate is to commit to offering...

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Our prices have gone up!

11/04/2007 00:00

Our prices have gone up on our 2 main hosting plans. To keep the same old prices, we added new hosting plans that are priced as low as our original plans but offer less storage space and...

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